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Here are some KEY facts about me.. 

  • I am a HUGE Marvel fan!

  • Travel obsessed - Fi (My Wife) and I travel everywhere.

  • I'm a foodie, whatever it is... I'm down!

  • I have a cat named Oreo. (Loves to be featured on my Insta)

  • I used to do Athletics at a high competitive level.

  • I moved to the UK in 2010, I was born in Hungary and spent some time in the States too.


There are many things I love about what I do, but the single most important one is the ability to leave people delighted and tearing up...with joy! Whether it is a tender portrait of a newborn, the radiance of a bridal couple or that perfect family portrait for your mantelpiece, you can rest assured that I will go above and beyond to shoot heartwarming images that tell a story. 

About: About

Hi, I'm Sara

Welcome to my page where you can learn a little bit about me.

I've always had a creative bug in me. I love to draw/paint but photography is definitely my TOP love (apart from my wife). I've done it on and off for years but I started taking it seriously and turning it into a career at the beginning of 2020. What started as a hobby for fun eventually led to a career in photography and I LOVE IT !!!!


I've had the pleasure of capturing so many families, weddings, fur babies, actual babies and so on over the years. It really is a rewarding job. My aim is truly to just have fun and form great relationships with you all. I am your wedding photographer gal and more!!

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